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Technological process of acquiring the microsphere from fly ashes (100181) begins at the moment of delivery by the power plant a wet mixture of ashes and slags to landfills (lagoon). When contacting a pulp with water, light fractions of microsphere are separated from heavier fractions of ashes and slags. Then the microsphere via an appropriate combination of back water levels, ducts and pipes is transported to drip chambers. There it is subjected to pre-treatment with is aimed to filter out the maximum amount of water and separation of any natural impurities.

In this state the microsphere goes to the processing line, where successive steps of purification and drying are realized. The final humidity < 0.5% is obtained during the thermal processing. Fractionation simultaneously occurs in this step. The last stage is the packaging of the finished product in sealed packages according to the customer’s requirements.

Microsphere is packed in 20 kg paper bags, 500 kg big bags or put in bulk to tanker trailers. Unit packages are placed on pallets, which are protected by a shrink film for the sake of the physical properties of the product.